Mosaic Peace Tree Project

The Larches community, celebrating 20 years of service to people with learning disabilities and/or autism in the Borough of Barnet, will host a series of hands on workshops where people of all faiths, all abilities and across generations and ethnicities will design and build a mosaic ‘Peace Tree’ for public installation in Edgware.


Supported by Larches and Near Neighbours you can enrol in a workshop absolutely free!
Near Neighbours works to support people of different faiths and ethnicities so that they can get to know each other better, build relationships of trust, and collaborate together on initiatives that improve the local community they live in.
Under the guidance of Mosaic artist/psychologist Naomi Selig participants will learn the techniques of mosaics and make symbolic pinecones that will be assembled into a spectacular 'Peace Tree". The design of the mosaic will specifically mix colour and shape together to identify how diversity can be combined into a cohesive whole. The mounting of the mosaic in the community will provide an on going visual symbol of community cohesion. A key success factor will be ensuring the project is a 'safe space' to explore difference and otherness with people of different faiths and ethnicities, as well as different abilities and generations.
If you wish to participate in the workshops you can make inquires to Andrew Curtis at