The Larches Community is a registered charity established in 1995 by a group of families to create opportunities for young people and adults with learning disabilities and/or autism and Asperger's syndrome.

Celebrating our 20th Anniversary in 2015

On 15 September 1995 several families, including Linda Edwards the current CEO conceived the idea that there was an urgent need to provide services for people with learning disabilities and/or autism. From tiny beginnings around a kitchen table the Larches Community began its 20-year journey of service and advocacy for people with learning disabilities and/or autism.

To celebrate our 20th birthday we have BIG plans! We want to increase our capacity to serve, expand our presence in Barnet, create more opportunities, and achieve one of our most significant strategic goals – the provision of independent supported accommodation for adults with learning disabilities and/or autism.

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Learning for Life Programme 2015/2016

Larches brand new programme of courses for 2015-2016 commences Monday 12 October 2015 and ends 15 July 2016. For details click here


We invite you to a workshop to create the Larches Mosaic Peace Tree

Work with people of all abilities to create a fabulous mosaic - to find out how click here


Recruiting Trainees - New Social Enterprise Opportunities

Looking for new opportunities to learn skills that create employment & Training pathways? Then find out more email . . .







 Our Objectives 

Education and Training: To increase the skills base of young people and adults with learning disabilities through education and training so that they can enjoy greater independence in their lives.

Social and Recreational: To increase the quality of life of young people and adults with learning disabilities through social and recreational activities.

Social Enterprise: To become increasingly financially independent as an organisation by developing social enterprises and micro businesses.

Supported Living: To give people with learning disabilities the opportunity to live independent lives in the heart of the community by establishing supported living homes.

Community Inclusion: To combat prejudice within the mainstream community by increasing understanding of learning disabilities and autism.